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Cheap Birth Control Pills and Federally Mandated Misuse of Emergency Contraception

Kroger Helps

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[T]he Cincinnati-based Kroger announced that it will begin selling 30-day supplies of more than 300 generic prescription drugs, including birth control pills, at significant discounts at participating pharmacies nationwide....

The program offers a 28-day supply of birth control for $9...compared with the national average price of $24 to $30 for a monthly supply. Generic versions of Ortho Cyclen and Ortho Tri-Cyclen are also covered.

Politicians Hurt

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The cost of prescription contraceptives at college health clinics in Minnesota has increased up to fivefold since last year....

The reason for the price increase is the incompetence of our politicians an inadvertent change to the federal law that created a financial disincentive for pharmaceutical companies to sell deeply discounted birth control to college clinics. As a result [s]ome college clinics have reported decreases in the number of contraceptives sold, and some students have said they have switched to less expensive methods of contraception or are relying on emergency contraception...

And just in case you missed the significance of the comment about the emergency contraception (EC) use, here it is.

Almost half of pregnancies in the U.S. are unintended. Of these, almost half (48% in 2001) occur during a month when birth control was used. Those who don't regard female patients of reproductive age as garbage offer one solution to this problem: make EC available OTC. Those whose calling is to hurt and degrade female patients (politicians, religionists and their lackeys at the FDA) do everything in their power to deny patients access to this safe and effective drug.

Once the utter morons we allow to have a say in these matters acquiesce and allow EC to be sold OTC, they turn right around and pass a law that practically forces patients to use EC incorrectly, thus totally undermining any potential positive impact EC use might have on reducing the rate of unintended pregnancies.

Brilliant, no?
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