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When Did You Make Your Sexual Debut?

While you reminisce about your sexual debut (don't worry, I'm not taking names or keeping track) here's how others have answered the question.

From a nationally representative survey of students in Grades 9–12 (1999–2007 data):

1. Almost 70% of youth experiencing sexual debut by age 18.

2. By age 16, approximately 30% of females and 34% of males have had sexual intercourse.

3. Approximately 7.1% of American youth report sexual debut prior to 13 (more male than female youth reporting early sexual debut).

4. African-American males experienced sexual debut earlier than all other groups.

5. Asian males and females experienced sexual debut later than all groups.

6 By their 17th birthday, the probability for sexual debut was:

-- greatest for African Americans (74% females, 82% males) and Hispanic males (69%)

-- less than 60% for Caucasians (58% females, 53% males) and Hispanic females (59%)

-- less than 35% for Asians (females 28%, males 33%)
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