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Health Care Reform: The Really Bad vs The Even Worse

Our beloved government is moving to make health insurance mandatory and to fine you and your family up to $3,800 if you don't obey its most competent decree and fail to get medical insurance. (Personally, I'd tack a public flogging to the fine but that's just me.)

So, as a contribution to this most welcomed development, I thought I'd point you to a couple of articles on health care reform. After all you'll need some reading material while you take a break from scrounging the money to pay the fine (or to pay for whatever inadequate and mismanaged plan the politicians come up with, as the case may be).

Matt Taibbi has a very good report on how Washington is screwing up health care reform. The language is a bit crude at times (best to read it at home), but the piece is a very good overview of the:

1. current system and its problems

2. difference between single payer, public option, and the alternatives now being considered by Congress

3. various bills in the House and Senate

4. how the major players involved are gaming the system

5. lousy job performance of both the President and Congress

I strongly recommend you read the article.

There's also a piece from Jonathan Cohn you might find useful. His analysis of the health care reform developments is a bit facile, but, towards the end of the article, he has a good description of the process involved in passing a final bill (whatever that might be).

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